Iraq Energy Expo & Conference

In 2022 The 7th Iraq Energy Exhibition & Conference IEE

is focusing on the breakthroughs in the generation, distribution, storage and use of power to meet domestic needs and international requirements. The 6-year-old event brings together the world’s leading manufacturers, global experts, governments, procurement, project managers and contractors to drive cost-effectiveness and efficiency and move projects forward. Discover the thousands of power products and innovative technologies that are energizing the industry in The 6th Iraq Energy Exhibition & Conference IEE.


Production Sector

  1. The development of Production power plants with the two cycles the simple and compound through investment
  2. Rehabilitation of production plants operating and return to work within stings design
  3. The establishment of production plants steam generating high capabilities to increase the production of electric energy to keep up with demand
  4. Set up solar-powered production plants

Transmission Sector

  1. Build manufacturing plants (with lines) capacity (400 and 132) KV to support the electrical system and absorb the energies generated
  2. Rehabilitation transfer stations working and return to work within stings design
  3. Rehabilitation of the energy transfer lines that currently working.
  4. Set up transfer capacity of stations (3 * 90) MVA near load centers
  5. Use the quad conductors in transportation networks and the effort to connect the 400 kV stations of 400 KV to discharge loads investment terminals
  6. Use of thermal wires in the power transmission lines of 132 KV effort
  7. Replacing Ground wire Ground wire optical type OPGW with peripherals sites covered by the optical service

Distribution Sector

  1. Altering air distribution networks to ground networks within cities
  2. Set up distribution stations (11/33) KV
  3. Rehabilitation of stations(11/33) KV currently operating
  4. The application of energy efficiency program in the distribution networks
  5. The use of smart electricity standards instead of the currently operating
  6. Decrease the losses in the distribution networks
  7. Resolving bottlenecks in power distribution networks
  8. Implementation of the feeders 33 and 11 kV (overhead lines and Kabullac floor)
  9. The new tariff structure
  10. Improve the capacity and the rationalization of consumption coefficient

Renewable Energy

As the renewable energy industry continues to grow in the world, we are proud to present the ideal gateway to solar energy at Iraq's 6th Energy Fair and Conference from 22 to 24 April 2019 in Iraq. The exhibition will cover industry pioneers, governments, manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, contractors, traders and partners from around the world. The Ministry of Electricity sponsors the largest event in sustainable and renewable technology in the region. The latest innovations in solar energy and sustainable energy will be highlighted by providing a unique platform for public-private sectors partnerships to develop innovative solutions. The 6th Iraq Energy Exhibition and Congress will be a major platform for the public and private sectors to create deals, build partnerships, review the latest solar technologies, identify current and future projects in the region and market needs, and explore opportunities to participate in solar energy projects and programs.



Investment and its conditions in Ministry of Electricity

Within the government’s trends in general, and the ministry of electricity’s trends in particular, the ministry of electricity puts new mechanism and standards to attract the Investment local and International companies to invest in both of (electricity production sector and distribution electricity sector).

Investment and its conditions in Ministry of Electricity
  • The investment company should have high experience at electrical Industry.
  • The company has built similar work stations under the specifications of Ministry of Electricity.
  • The company is committed to the implementation during the period specified by the contract.
  • The investment company has to give an overview of their earlier works and their success.

According to the above, the Ministry is making sure of the sobriety of these companies, to avoid the entry of shoddy and fake companies to sign contracts and implement projects.

National Manufacturing

Orientation to the initiative of the national manufacturing being carried out by the ministry under the guidance of Mr. Minister Engineer Qassim Mohammed AlFahdawi after it was opened the pavilion of the Ministry of Electricity to the land of the Baghdad International Fair since the month of December 2014 , It was presented spare parts needed by the ministry in the three sectors in which several dimensions led by increasing domestic production and strengthen the country's economy as well as restore the soul to the Iraqi industrial sector (public and private) and to support their production lines The ministry has signed six deals from the national contract manufacturing for processing backup of tool less than the imported price by up to 45%. The ministry provided funds amounted to 60 billion dinars

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