Why Exhibit?

Business Glory Company for the establishment of exhibitions and international conferences B.G, our activities vary in the organization of international exhibitions, trade and conferences to promote Iraqi industries. We have gained extensive experience in the organization and establishment of international exhibitions and conferences on energy in Iraq and benefiting the Iraqi government from the opportunities offered by the major companies participating in the exhibition of energy IEE which our company has been holding for the past seven years and now is being held in its Eighth session under the auspices and participation of the Ministry of Electricity in all its companies and directorates, ministry of oil and National Investment Authority . The IEE exhibition and conference created a platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to showcase their innovations, strength of their products and innovation to the world’s largest energy consumers. Our strength lies in our ability to bring the Iraqi government, energy ministries, business men, institutions and companies from all over the world to cooperate and work together for mutual benefit and investment. The exhibition industry takes on a new form, advancing every day and introducing new ideas and the platform created by B.G. is very modern and familiar to the bidder and the visitor alike. The strength of the B.G team is only hard work and honesty in implementing the words committed to our valued customers. We take care of things directly from the stage of development, design and implementation, and wish you a fruitful participation. major specialties of the exhibition