Services Provided by The Exhibition Organizer

After that our company has succeeded in establishing the eighth exhibitions and show the respectively, and its willingness to set up a eighth exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of Electricity and the approval of an official from the Ministry of trade  / General Company for Trade Iraqi trade and services and with the most participants get lucrative contracts for the need to introduce new participants to the diversity of terms of reference of the show is still and will take care to provide services For all participants The need to introduce new participants for the diversity of the exhibition’s specialties and we will take care of providing services to all participants.

Information of interest to exhibitors

The exhibition is held on the grounds of the Baghdad International Fair to provide the greatest opportunity for successful participation, as it contains covered areas, including 500 m 2 and an open area of ​​2000 m 2 dedicated to the Iraq Energy Exhibition and Conference, a central hall for major conferences, an administration building to provide logistics services and integrated security systems for the exhibition.

Event: The 8th Iraq International Energy Exhibition and Conference

Show date 12-14/2/2024

Exhibition time: 9 am to 4 pm

Location : Baghdad international fair